Sustainability Intelligence for
the Seafood Industry

Science-based. Seafood-focused.

The Seafood Metrics platform is the leading global solution for tracking, monitoring, and evaluating seafood sourcing performance. Seafood Metrics is built upon FishSource and FAO’s global production data, and includes a growing list of 4,000+ fishery IDs, 1,400+ stocks, and 600+ species, as well as hundreds of aquaculture production areas to report against.

With approximately 20 indicators of seafood sustainability certifications and ratings, businesses can customize how they capture and report their seafood sourcing, in a consistent format that is aligned with international standards for stock, species, fishing gear, and more. In addition to tracking seafood that is MSC, FIP, ASC, BAP, GlobalGAP, and EU Organic, customers get access to the exclusive Seafood Metrics wild fishery risk ratings and farmed seafood improvement ratings.

How Seafood Metrics helps your business


Manage Seafood at the Production Source

The Seafood Metrics system matches your purchase orders to specific fisheries and farming operations, reducing the need to track a long list of KDEs, Key Data Elements.

Simple, Secure & Flexible Data Collection

Data can be uploaded or entered online by you or your suppliers. You can include purchasing volume, choose reporting periods, and add data categories.


Track Favorites

Choose from thousands of seafood sources that include MSC-certified fisheries, fishery improvement projects and small-scale fisheries.

Access & Customize Sustainability Risk

Easy-to-use interface to calculate your overall sustainability risk, and other KPIs through built-in dashboards, downloadable reports, and fishery scorecards based on up-to-date analysis provided by FishSource.


Operationalize Policies & Commitments

The Seafood Metrics system allows you to streamlinne your seafood data to help inform progress over time, identifies opportunities to improve your fisheries, and fosters productive conversations with your supply chain.