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Seafood Metrics Customer Systems

Seafood Metrics customer systems allow businesses to collect data either from their suppliers or through self-reporting. In either scenario, seafood volumes &/or items are captured through a simplified process of reporting against fishery IDs or farmed seafood IDs. Customer systems can be customized in several ways, and for businesses with international operations and/or subsidiaries, we offer Seafood Metrics Enterprise systems that can connect and aggregate individual systems for aggregated data capture, monitoring, and evaluation.

Seafood Metrics Supplier Systems

Seafood Metrics supplier systems support suppliers who are reporting to Seafood Metrics customer systems through a complimentary system access that helps suppliers understand how their sales meet customers’ expectations. For suppliers that want additional functionality, the fee-based versions of the supplier system provide suppliers with customer-specific reports, reporting capabilities for at-large customers, and access to other datasets such as the Seafood Metrics Human Rights Risk Index (HRRI).

Seafood Metrics Risk & Improvement Ratings

Seafood Metrics Wild Risk Ratings

Seafood Metrics wild risk ratings identify risk of assured supply in fisheries, based on FishSource’s wild fisheries assessment methodology, which evaluates management quality, stock health, and environmental impact. Wild fisheries are designated as low-, medium-, and high-risk, to help businesses prioritize where to focus their resources. FishSource wild risk ratings cover MSC-certified fisheries and FIPs, and are available for fisheries at-large.

Seafood Metrics Aquaculture Improvement Ratings

Seafood Metrics evaluates improvement needs in aquaculture production, based on FishSource’s aquaculture methodology, which evaluates regulatory frameworks, producers’ codes of good practice, water-quality management, disease impact and risk reduction, and marine feed ingredient management. Aquaculture production improvement is measured at the state/provincial level by species, with designations of “significant,” “critical,” and “specific,” based on the degree of improvement needed to meaningfully improve environmental performance.


Seafood Metrics Dashboards & More

KPI Homepage

Rolling 12-month summary of total seafood sourcing details.


Supply & Risk Dashboards

Multiple dashboards of interactive charts ready for use in sales and CSR reporting.


Supply & Risk Tables

Itemized sourcing lists with source-specific details, including KDEs for species, harvest gear, and vessel flag.


Commitment Tracker

Track purchasing by your specific commitment and seafood policy definitions.


Search over 4,000 fishery IDs and map MSC and FIPs to specific fishery IDs.


Human Rights Risk Index

Prioritize risk mitigation by identifying the highest-risk fisheries for possible human rights abuses in your supply chain.