Seafood Sustainability Solutions
from Sourcing to Sales

Tracking KDEs

Tracking key data elements (KDEs) can be problematic when suppliers are using different taxonomies and terms for species common name, harvest location, and fishing gears. Seafood Metrics’ data system ensures consistent KDEs for all seafood reporting using international seafood data standards.


Raw Material Risk Management

Improve your raw material risk management by identifying and prioritizing your seafood sourcing through exclusive Seafood Metrics Scorecard content


Accelerate Commitment Progress

Seafood Metrics provides actionable data that shows how your seafood sourcing translates into progress in achieving seafood sourcing goals


Engage Suppliers Better

Supplier specific tracking pinpoints areas to work with your supply chain to identify options and solutions.


Increase Customer Confidence

Increased loyalty equals increased sales. Seafood Metrics provides the foundation for transparency initiatives that provides your customers with the key data elements they want to know to make confident purchasing decisions.


Simplify Reporting

Choose from more than a dozen standard charts and tables or work directly with our team to create customized data summaries that are ready to use for CSR and ESG reporting.